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After School Program

  1. Basic skills- We stress the importance of basic skills as the foundation of our program. Establishing strong study habits from a young age will build confidence and improve grades.
  2. Individualized Curriculum- Proficiency tests are administered upon admission to our program. Each child is then given an achievable academic plan that suits their specific needs and goals.
  3. Tae Kwon Do- Along with our Academic Program, we expect students to take part in studying Tae Kwon Do which supplements our culture of learning at KM2A. Students will improve their concentration and will continue to demonstrate excellence in their educational studies too.
  4. Stress Management- Children become better equipped to handle stress due to their Tae Kwon Do training.
  5. Physical Exercise- Physical exercise provides a creative outlet for students and also an opportunity for self-expression.

After-School Program Daily Schedule


After School

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