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and 1-408-249-9494 Santa Clara
Pick-up available school districts from Cupertino, Mountain View, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale
How do I join ?

Martial Arts

All new students at Martial Arts and Learning Center start with a rate of 1 month of introductory classes for $99.99 (uniform fee included)
Our program includes the following:
  1. Training with well-qualified Masters and Black Belts
  2. Introduction to basic techniques and knowledge
  3. Analysis of mental and physical status and capabilities through formal evaluations
  4. Inclusion in our “Master Program” which trains students from beginner to Black Belt

Learning Center

“Education needs strong roots just like a skyscraper needs a strong foundation. This [foundation] guarantees the success of the entire educational experience [that] starts with good learning habits and methods.”
- Grandmaster Kim
  1. Introduction to the Learning Center and Program
  2. grade placement test in both English and Math
  3. Reasonable ratio of students to teachers ensures a lot of attention and care for your child.
  4. Pickup available for schools within a 5 mile radius

KM2A Educational Methods and Content

  1. Variety of educational and informative grade levels used everyday to learn how to cultivate a habit.
  2. A focus on English and Math skills to better understand the core concepts
    and principles of learning in order to improve your student’s performance.
  3. Focus will be on improving a student understands of their weakest subjects.
    They will use KM2A work sheets to analyze problem areas and practice skills.
  4. Research needed for homework or school projects can be conducted on-line at KM2A.