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and 1-408-249-9494 Santa Clara
Pick-up available school districts from Cupertino, Mountain View, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale (6,000 sq ft) and Santa Clara (10,000 sq ft)

Martial Arts

  1.   Facility
    We have a large, clean, organized & modernized
    institution that is perfectly equipped for training.
  2.   Martial Arts Program
    Each belt level is scientifically developed for step-by-step learning.
  3.   Master
    He has decades of experience and the capability
    to directly teach and control the students.

Learning Center

  1. Atmosphere
    The Interior Design consists of an engaging learning environment and comfortable study space.

  2. A money/time saver
    Students can do Martial Arts discipline and study without having to move from one location to another.

  3. Purpose
    The ultimate goal for our students is college.

  4. Pick-up
    4 to 14 yr. old children. After School to 6 p.m.
    Pickup available at nearby schools only
    -Only after school.

What is the SSAURABI?

Formerly, "Ssaurabi" referred to the group of Martial Artists who chose Martial Arts as their career during Korea's Baekgye Era (18 B.C.). Now the term is used to identify the first Martial Art training machine built to systematically and scientifically aid in today's Martial Arts studio.
This Korean-made, first-ever, computerized, scientific Martial Art training machine has been built to help optimize training. Anyone who has experience training in Martial Arts probably has wondered how to accurately measure the power and speed of their punches and kicks. This was previously done, and still used today, by breaking materials, such as boards and bricks and using punching bags or sandbags.
However, with the progression of modern science, you can now accurately measure the power and speed of your movements using the Ssaurabi training machine. The machine gives a quantitative value (the force of your punches and kicks) and helps judge the speed of your movements. Another program tests your reaction response time to hitting the different targets. If you practice on this machine, you can not only develop your power, attack speed, and reaction time, but also the accuracy of your movements.
My Martial Arts Academy has set up three of these machines in different heights to meet the needs of teenagers, adults, and children to maximize the effects of training and increase its quality. Ssaurabi creates an exciting environment, using the benefits of stereophonic music and the display of the session's results. Using the Ssaurabi, students can simulate an actual sparring situation to practice their Martial Arts movements.