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The Learning Center

A good education is the most valuable asset a parent can give their child. Learning begins at home, where parents teach their children important values such as love, kindness, and respect. It carries through to school and afterwards at KM2A. Our Learning Center focuses on instilling those values as well as teaching other important characteristics like discipline, respect, and good study-habits.
Our facility offers the best of both worlds- Martial Arts and education. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our children and we make sure that all of our staff members have taken Child Development and CPR classes to ensure the best care and safety of our students. We also hold professional development opportunities regularly.
  1. Capable and Accomplished Faculty- We have at least one teacher and one teacher-aide stationed in each classroom. This guarantees direct attention for every child within our program.
  2. Curriculum- Our challenging curriculum includes Language Arts and Mathematics which every student studies daily. Our individualized approach to learning includes setting attainable short- and long-term goals specifically tailored for each student.
  3. Atmosphere- Each child has their own assigned seat and is expected to make use of our learning environment and study spaces, which consist of multiple libraries and computer work stations as needed.
  4. Purpose- Our long term goal for each child is for them to attend college.
  5. Flexible Pickup Options (for local schools only- contact for more information)