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The Origin of

A good education is the most valuable asset a parent can give their child. Learning begins at home, where parents teach their children important values such as love, kindness, and respect. It carries through to school and afterwards at KM2A. Our Learning Center focuses on instilling those values as well as teaching other important characteristics like discipline, respect, and good study-habits.

Our facility offers the best of both worlds- Martial Arts and education. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our children and we make sure that all of our staff members have taken Child Development and CPR classes to ensure the best care and safety of our students. We also hold professional development opportunities regularly.

“A proper education cemented in discipline and a healthy environment ensures a good life in a competitive society.”
- Grandmaster Kim

Through studying and teaching Martial Arts, I have met and trained many valuable students. I have learned from them as well as imparting my own wisdom to my students. One of the most important lessons I learned was to appreciate how deeply parents care about their children’s happiness, safety, and education. This lesson was taught to me by my student, Andrew, whose story below inspired me to combine a Learning Center and a Martial Arts Studio. Thanks to him, we have KM2A in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, which has helped improve the lives and direction of generations of children.

Andrew's Story

When Andrew first became my student at the age of nine, he had a very rebellious attitude. His parents were very busy with their careers and could not devote enough time to him. He lost his motivation for success for himself and his education and schoolwork suffered dramatically. His parents, thinking that an extracurricular activity might help refocus his energy and rejuvenate his desire to learn, decided to enroll him in my Martial Arts Academy.

Andrew’s interest in Martial Arts was immediately evident and he excelled. His talent and commitment, combined with my meticulous focus on his training, lead to an amazing progression. His attitude changed for the better and he became a role model for my other students. One day, Andrew’s mother came to me to let me know that his grades had dropped. She let me know that she thought it would be time to pull him out of Tae Kwon Do so that he could focus on his studies.

The look on Andrew’s face as his mother and I discussed quitting Tae Kwon Do is something I have never forgotten. It was full of disappointment, anger, and sadness. Though this was not the first instance of a parent deciding to end physical training in order to focus on academics; this particular student and his needs had given me an idea. I concluded that it was necessary to combine an academic and educational center along with a Martial Arts facility, so students would have the opportunity to pursue their studies and also enjoy an extracurricular activity. They would have a chance to learn, grow and be active. Thus was the birth of my KM2A Learning Center in Sunnyvale. Now I am able to offer a healthy and disciplined environment that is dedicated to students’ success in education and martial arts. My students are fully prepared for a wonderful life in our very competitive society.