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Why Tae Kwon Do?

Self-Defense Basics

At birth, all animals and humans are equipped with a natural defensive instinct. Animals retain this defensive instinct until they die. Human beings tend to lose this natural defensive instinct as they age because of their lack of physical activity. As they lose their physicality, their mental abilities also decrease. As a result, when human beings are attacked they become nervous and anxious, and are generally unable to remain calm and defend themselves.

The study of Martial Arts is designed to restore these instincts. Movements in Martial Arts were developed to protect the individual and to revive these instinctive behavior patterns. Very quickly, people who learn Martial Arts are better equipped to protect themselves in a natural and effective way, and they lose their fear in situations where they need to defend themselves.

Martial Arts Benefits

Martial Arts teaches students that their ability depends on their own effort. They learn that good habits must be formed through repetition of movements and techniques. A good Martial Arts program awakens the defensive instinct and improves physicality. It also results in a balanced mind and increased self-confidence, due to students’ reliance on their newly-developed Martial Arts capabilities. Thus, students who study our program will be able to defend themselves well and will also enjoy the benefit of having a balanced mind.

The ideal Martial Arts student is an individual with the willingness to learn, a positive attitude, an indomitable spirit, and one who exhibits consistent effort at all times.

The Ideal Master and Teacher

Grandmaster Kim

Grandmaster Kim left his native Korea to travel the world and create his own Martial Arts Learning Program. He lived in Spain for twenty-one years and moved to the United States in 1991. He has been a resident of California ever since, and has created both KM2A Learning Centers for the sole purpose of developing children with a strong moral foundation so that they can benefit society.

Grandmaster Kim has numerous awards and accolades to his name, the most important of which are on display in both studios. He understands both Eastern and Western approaches to teaching and lifestyles and is an avid lifelong learner particularly in the subjects of education and philosophy. Grandmaster Kim founded the ASSA TKD 9+9 program based on his years of experience as a master. It has always been his lifelong dream to achieve the rank of master, and he is all too eager to share his studies with his students.

Junior Master Sun Kim

Junior Master Sun Kim is a California native who is all too eager to follow in his father’s footsteps. He is quickly creating a program where students become leaders and rely on their own self-confidence and self-discipline as they grow through Tae Kwon Do. He teaches at KM2A Sunnyvale and is an aspiring educational and business studies major, who plans to continue his father’s legacy and pursuits.