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“What we like about KM2A (after school program in Sunnyvale CA, USA) is the focus on reading, writing and Tae Kwon Do, altogether at one place.
It is a place where the kids learn discipline. A center for the overall development of the child. The dedication of the teachers and the homely environment makes the place suitable for all kids. I feel confident and relaxed that my kid is in the care of right people.

Ashish / Preeti (Sanyam's parent)

We have two children that have been attending KM2A Marital Arts & After School program for over two years now. We have been extremely happy with the progress our children have made in their Martial Arts. The after school homework program is much more than we could have asked for. They are learning good study habits at an early age which will help them in the future. We know our children are always taken care of and safe at KM2A. They have been able to form stronger bonds with the students, the Master's and staff members, and then they have with their teachers and piers at their regular school. KM2A just feels like family now.

P. F, Yelp Reviewer

Shih Hsien has been enrolled in KM2A’s Martial Arts for five years now and has drastically improved his attitude toward school. His focus is stronger; he’s more disciplined, and enjoys learning more than he did before.
He’s also learning patience through working with the younger students as a kind of big brother.
Because of this he’s more patient with other things as well,at home and at school.

Yaling Kloo

I am a big fan. At KM2A, the children learn discipline and responsibility, in addition to great martial arts skills. My two boys have been with KM2A since 2011. The respect they have for Grand Master Kim is amazing. What is expected of the children is very clear at KM2A (both in the after school program and in the Martial Arts classes) and the kids perform accordingly and are successful. Grand Master Kim and Mrs. Kim have a winning recipe with their program requiring physical activities with academic activities.

Maya W.

Overall, I am really happy with my experience at KM2A. My two boys have a safe and fun place to go after school, all while learning the discipline and techniques of Tae Kwon Do. I can see the improved physically and mentally in them ever since attending KM2A at the end of August 2010. The couple who run the establishment, Master Kim and Mrs. Kim, are very understanding and flexible. I have changed my boys' schedule a couple of times with no issue. Also, there's an after-school program, where the teacher makes sure that each child's homework is complete. That has been really helpful when my schedule was too hectic, and I had to extend the time that my sons were at KM2A. I recommend this place to any parent who wants their child to learn skills that will help shape his or her life (socially, physically and mentally) in a positive way.


My daughters have been going to KM2A for 3 years since they were 5 and 7 and have really enjoyed their experience. Master Kim is very dedicated and passionate about imbuing in his students very good technique, discipline and reverence to this martial art form. My kids have learnt good body form, posture, physical strength, tenacity, confidence in themselves and their abilities. Growing up in the program, they have also learnt to instruct other kids and encourage them towards improving themselves. I feel learning taekwondo, has helped my kids at home and in their academics. We live about 20 minutes from the studio, yet this is the place we chose for our kids because we had heard great reviews about their program.

Hari S.

…This is a good martial arts school. Grand Master Kim knows his sport and knows how to treat people as well as children. I have been to a handful of schools, only in the smallest of schools with the smallest of classes will the master, much less a grand master, actually do all the line instruction for the class. Grand Master Kim supervises the classes closely, he knows everyone of his students not only by name - he knows their strengths and weaknesses. It is very common for him to step in and make sure students are doing their movements correctly, especially as they advance in belts. I've even seen him correct (and discipline) the line instructors. He is very passionate about his students but he can be very demanding at times. Tae Kwon Do is a sport which expects discipline from it's adherents, particularly respect and deference for parents, elders, and those with high ranking. His school is not for parents or those seeking loose, "participation trophy" attitudes. Students will learn TKD, learn discipline, respect for others, self discipline and respect for themselves. Students will not garner new belts until they have learned well, hence a stripped belt demarking the halfway point in their advancement to the next level instead of a jump from one belt color to another. My own child was almost denied a belt for misbehavior, I don't blame Master Kim in the least for withholding it until he felt my child was ready. My child ultimately got the belt but learned a valuable lesson about following rules and respecting others in the group by not talking, not creating a distraction, and instead paying attention. The Santa Clara facility is clean and well kept and properly staffed. In addition to classes, KM2A even offer licensed after-school day care and will collect your children directly from their school in one of their vans (with a licensed, professional driver). All parents can watch classes and Grand Master Kim and his wife (who manages the school) are always available before and after classes to discuss anything with parents. Master Kim is even fluent in Spanish. His son teaches at the Sunnyvale school so I would reckon that if his entire family is invested in this operation, they take their business very seriously and are not out for a quick buck like some might have implied in their reviews. I would like to point out that other competitors in the Bay Area TKD/martial arts instruction community give Master Kim praise for how he runs his school.

Uli M.

My daughter has been attending KM2A for a year now and we absolutely love it! She is 6 years old and has learned discipline and self respect better than I could have hoped. Master Kim is a very good instructor who teaches children the importance of discipline, respect for parents, and self-respect as well. We plan to stay with Master Kim all the way to black belt!

Belinda K.

My daughter has been a student of KM2A for a year now. We are very happy with the school and the instructors. We have seen a difference in her self-respect and also her discipline. The school's program is very effective and appropriate. I would and do recommend this to my friends all the time.

Belinda M.

Our kids love KM2A, and have gone there for Pre-school, After-school and Summer Camp this year.  KM2A provides a safe, nurturing environment for them to further their learning and social skills, including but not limited to help with their daily homework and extra credit work.  Master Kim , Mrs Kim and the entire staff focus on instilling good behavior and family values in all aspects of their program. Both our daughters also love learning Taekwondo from Master Kim!

Abhi Kunte

Our two sons have been going to KM2A for over a year, since September 2013.  We chose KM2A because:
1. They are close to our home and they pick up our kids from school
2. Solid academic tutoring, grade appropriate
3. The Tae Kwon Do instruction.
Since going to KM2A, our oldest son has been doing very well in school, he is above grade level in all major areas. In Tae Kwon Do, he has passed every belt test the first time. We attribute this to the instruction of Grand Master Kim, Junior Master Kim and their various instructional assistants. Grand Master and Mrs. Kim along with Junior Master Kim knows each child by name and their skills. Our kids had their first summer camp with KM2A and they loved it! Every morning they looked forward to going. We liked the fact that the grade appropriate tutoring continued through the summer which helped prevent the summer "brain drain". Our youngest son significantly improved his handwriting skills during summer camp. Lastly, every so often we ask our boys if they like KM2A or would rather attend a different after school program. They have always told us that they like KM2A and they want to stay with KM2A.

Janet K.